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16px-Flag of Switzerland.svgSwitzerland


ESC Winners

Host Cities and costs

These are the cities that hosted the Euromusic Song Contest

Year Host city Costs
2009 23px-Flag of Russia.svgMoscow 400,000€
2010 23px-Flag of Azerbaijan.svgBaku 5,000,000€
2011 23px-Flag of Germany.svgDüsseldorf 600,000€
2012 23px-Flag of France.svgBordeaux 10,000,000€
2013 23px-Flag of Romania.svgBucharest 15,000,000€
2014 23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svgLondon 37,000,000€
2015 16px-Flag of Switzerland.svgZürich 8,000,000 €
2016 23px-Flag of Germany.svgBerlin 30,000,000€
2017 Flag of Belgium (civil).svgHasselt 25,000,000€
2018 23px-Flag of Italy.svgRome 21,000,000€
2019 23px-Flag of Greece.svgAthens 24,256,000€

Note: The first and third edition didn't cost anything just because the edition took place in the same city and country like Eurovision Song Contest did. The costs involved only broadcastig procedure.

Betting Odds Winners

Year Winning Country
2009 23px-Flag of Lithuania.svgLithuania
2010 23px-Flag of Azerbaijan.svgAzerbaijan
2011 23px-Flag of Portugal.svgPortugal
2012 23px-Flag of Romania.svgRomania
2013 Flag of Croatia.svgCroatia
2014 16px-Flag of Switzerland.svgSwitzerland
2015 21px-Flag of Norway.svgNorway
2016 23px-Flag of Australia.svgAustralia
2017 Flag of the Czech Republic.svgCzech Republic
2018 Flag of Belarus.svgBelarus


Year Country Artist Song Points Runner-up Margin Host City
2009 23px-Flag of Azerbaijan.svgAzerbaijan Adela Alina "Dum Tek Tek" 321 23px-Flag of Romania.svgRomania 31 23px-Flag of Russia.svgMoscow
2010 23px-Flag of Germany.svgGermany Eva "Apricot Stone" 246 23px-Flag of Azerbaijan.svgAzerbaijan 36 23px-Flag of Azerbaijan.svgBaku
2011 23px-Flag of France.svgFrance Patricia Kaas "Angel" 255 22px-Flag of Estonia.svgEstonia 15 23px-Flag of Germany.svgDüsseldorf
2012 23px-Flag of Romania.svgRomania Alex Martin "Euphoria" 395 16px-Flag of Switzerland.svgSwitzerland 263 23px-Flag of France.svgBordeaux
2013 23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svgUK Cheryl Cole "You" 268 23px-Flag of Ireland.svgIreland 44 23px-Flag of Romania.svgBucharest
2014 16px-Flag of Switzerland.svgSwitzerland Justin Timberlake "Rise Like a Phoenix" 339 23px-Flag of Azerbaijan.svgAzerbaijan 104 23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svgLondon
2015 23px-Flag of Germany.svgGermany Johannes Strate "Grande amore" 357 23px-Flag of Italy.svgItaly 85 16px-Flag of Switzerland.svgZürich
2016 Flag of Belgium (civil).svgBelgium Tom & Astrid "Sound of Silence" 596 Flag of Serbia.svgSerbia 72 23px-Flag of Germany.svgBerlin
2017 23px-Flag of Italy.svgItaly Ariana Grande "Origo" 499 21px-Flag of Norway.svgNorway 107 Flag of Belgium (civil).svgHasselt
2018 23px-Flag of Greece.svgGreece Eleni Foureira "Fuego" 701 Flag of Belgium (civil).svgBelgium 220 23px-Flag of Italy.svgRome
2019 23px-Flag of Greece.svgAthens


Every year since 2009, OGAE has conducted a pre-Euromusic Contest poll in which every national club plus OGAE Rest of the World vote all entries, using the same scoring system of Euromusic Voting (the most voted songs on each club receive 1 to 8, and then 10 and 12 points, and countries can't vote for themselves). The winners of this poll are:

Year Winner Song Performer Place Points Runner-up 3rd Place
2009 23px-Flag of Lithuania.svgLithuania "Fairytale" Sasha Son 5th 185 23px-Flag of Russia.svgRussia 22px-Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svgBosnia and Herzegovina
2010 21px-Flag of Norway.svgNorway "In a Moment Like This" Didrik Solli-Tangen 9th 90 Flag of Denmark.svgDenmark 23px-Flag of Azerbaijan.svgAzerbaijan
2011 Flag of Georgia.svgGeorgia "What About My Dreams?" Sopho Flag of Denmark.svgDenmark 23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom
2012 23px-Flag of Romania.svgRomania "Euphoria" Alex Martin 1st 395 22px-Flag of Estonia.svgEstonia 23px-Flag of Moldova.svgMoldova
2013 Flag of Croatia.svgCroatia "Only Teardrops" Severina 12th 85 21px-Flag of Iceland.svgIceland 21px-Flag of Albania.svgAlbania
2014 23px-Flag of Azerbaijan.svgAzerbaijan "Undo" AySel and Arash 2nd 235 23px-Flag of Ukraine.svgUkraine 23px-Flag of Romania.svgRomania
2015 23px-Flag of Germany.svgGermany "Grande amore" Johannes Strate 1st 357 21px-Flag of Norway.svgNorway 22px-Flag of Estonia.svgEstonia
2016 23px-Flag of Germany.svgGermany "J'ai cherché" Mark Forster feat. Duke Dumont 3rd 424 Flag of Finland.svgFinland Flag of Belgium (civil).svgBelgium
2017 23px-Flag of Spain.svgSpain "Occidentali's Karma" Anahi 19th 105 23px-Flag of Poland.svgPoland 23px-Flag of Slovenia.svgSlovenia
2018 Flag of Belarus.svgBelarus "Toy" NAPOLI 9th 215 23px-Flag of Italy.svgItaly 21px-Flag of Iceland.svgIceland

Background colours
won the final   missed the final


Year Country making its debut entry
2009 21px-Flag of Albania.svgAlbania, 22px-Flag of Andorra.svgAndorra,Flag of Armenia.svgArmenia,23px-Flag of Azerbaijan.svgAzerbaijan, Flag of Belarus.svgBelarusFlag of Belgium (civil).svgBelgium, 22px-Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svgBosnia and Herzegovina, Flag of Bulgaria.svgBulgaria, Flag of Croatia.svgCroatia, Flag of Cyprus.svgCyprus,Flag of the Czech Republic.svgCzech Republic,Flag of Denmark.svgDenmark22px-Flag of Estonia.svgEstoniaFlag of Finland.svgFinland23px-Flag of France.svgFrance, 23px-Flag of Germany.svgGermany, 23px-Flag of Greece.svgGreeceFlag of Hungary.svgHungary,21px-Flag of Iceland.svgIceland23px-Flag of Ireland.svgIreland21px-Flag of Israel.svgIsrael23px-Flag of Latvia.svgLatvia23px-Flag of Lithuania.svgLithuania23px-Flag of Macedonia.svgMacedonia23px-Flag of Malta.svgMalta23px-Flag of Moldova.svgMoldova,23px-Flag of Montenegro.svgMontenegro,23px-Flag of the Netherlands.svgNetherlands21px-Flag of Norway.svgNorway23px-Flag of Portugal.svgPortugal23px-Flag of Poland.svgPoland23px-Flag of Romania.svgRomania23px-Flag of Russia.svgRussia,Flag of Serbia.svgSerbia,23px-Flag of Slovakia.svgSlovakia,23px-Flag of Slovenia.svgSlovenia23px-Flag of Spain.svgSpain23px-Flag of Sweden.svgSweden16px-Flag of Switzerland.svgSwitzerland, Flag of Turkey.svgTurkey23px-Flag of Ukraine.svgUkraine23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom
2010 Flag of Georgia.svgGeorgia
2011 23px-Flag of Austria.svgAustria,23px-Flag of Italy.svgItaly,20px-Flag of San Marino.svgSan Marino
2015 23px-Flag of Australia.svgAustralia

By Country

Wins Country Years
1 23px-Flag of Azerbaijan.svgAzerbaijan 2009
23px-Flag of France.svgFrance 2011
23px-Flag of Romania.svgRomania 2012
23px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom 2013
16px-Flag of Switzerland.svgSwitzerland 2014
Flag of Belgium (civil).svgBelgium 2016
23px-Flag of Italy.svgItaly 2017
23px-Flag of Greece.svgGreece 2018
2 23px-Flag of Germany.svgGermany 2010,2015

Special editions

Year Name Winner Artist Song Points Runner-up Host City
2018 "Celebrate the Music" 16px-Flag of Switzerland.svgSwitzerland Justin Timberlake "Rise Like a Phoenix" 470 23px-Flag of France.svgFrance 21px-Flag of Norway.svgOslo
2019 "All Stars" 16px-Flag of Switzerland.svgSwitzerland Justin Timberlake "Rise Like a Phoenix" 222 23px-Flag of Greece.svgGreece 23px-Flag of Russia.svgMoscow

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